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New Captain??


New Captain??

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Lauren posted a Selfie


With Luis


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Anonymous asked: it's not that lauren hated on you guys. i mean you like the girl group fifth harmony because of their music and maybe their personalites etc but that doesn't give you the right to hate on her boyfriend or tell her how to live her life etc. And I mean we all know Lauren is sensitive around this kind of subject so just leave it. Camren isn't realt and i dont know how many times Lauren has said that. So get over it.

Yes but famous people life always get under the spotlight, or things like interviews wouldn’t exist. I think that people is allowed to ship someone together, especially famous people, it is a normal thing to do. Also, it’s true that at times it gets over the boundaries, like giving hate towards Luis in this case it really has no sense as I said in my last post.
By the way, Lauren is also allowed to be annoyed by this, absolutely. And she is also allowed to react like she does actually! But you can’t say something like “If you are a fan of her you HAVE to support her in everything she says and does” because if you blindly agree with everything a celebrity does because you’re a fan of them, well you have no brain to think on your own.
And I honestly don’t agree with Lauren WAY of saying that shipping Camren, or the way someone push too much on it, annoys her. In my opinion, she could be more superior and more polite. But this is my opinion and I’m not going to hate on her for this, but I criticize it because I have a brain and I will never agree on everything she does because I’m a fan of her. While I’m not a fan of Luis, I just know his name and that he is part of Lauren’s life and I will never hate him for it. I mean, who knows him to do it?
Camren can be real or not, we have no way to know it, only Lauren and Camila do. We can just appreciate their chemestry and the magic that happens when they’re together.

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I grew up never having had close friends because I was working all the time. All the girls growing up, everyone had their best friends, and I never, ever had that. And Jonathan is really and truly my first and only best friend. And I couldn’t have picked a better person.

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I’m not even so sad about this Lauis drama, I mean Luis obviously doesn’t deserve to get hate because actually he’s not the sixth harmony so I don’t know why people give a fuck about him and Lauren is a big girl who I think is smart (well Camila said so ;) enough to take her responsability in a relationship or whatever and we can’t judge it. They don’t deserve to get hate for being in a relationship.
BUT, we don’t deserve to get hate for shipping Camren neither! Is this still a free world or not? Lauren and Camila are two famous people by now. Lauren needs to understand that being s famous people she can be LOVED, LIKED, ADORED, HATED, CRITICIZED, SHIPPED WITH OTHER PEOPLE, even her bandmates. This is not a crime! And still being a free world she can react how she wants, obvioulsy. But here she come to a choice to be polite and take it all as a joke when necessary (even intelligent camren shippers do it, because shipping someone shouldn’t be something sad, but a celebration of love of every kind), or - and this is what she does - go all defensive and be sass and a little arrogant towards her FANS, the people who thanks to whom she is where she is (don’t forget that the most of the fandom ships Camren, so). This is her choice. But she is not God, as she says sometimes she is human, living and learning, she is not perfect and can so things in the wrong way. And personally, I when someone is rude on me, directly or indirectly, it can be the last person in the world or the Pope, I’m not really accepting it….
If she doesn’t want her relationship to be judge, then do not expose it on the social media. This is life dear Lauren, it’s always a struggle but do not waste your most beautiful sides which are so many to show this one which is the worst of you I’ve seen until now.
Peace and love, ok?

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trying to ship camren in this day and age

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I am a camren shipper and idgaf *blue heart*

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Isn’t it strange? There are so many people out there who secretly love someone. And there are so many people out there who have no idea that someone secretly loves them.
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